September’s Open AiR – The Artists

Christine Herbert – U.K.

Christine Herbert is an abstract painter making large, dynamic, colourful paintings using layers of acrylic paint on canvas and linen which can be appreciated both from a distance but also worth looking at close up where you can see the, often delicate, layering of the paint.


The work is abstract and the impetus for it comes from her personal, emotional responses to our interactions as human beings both negatively and positively with the physical, social and political world in which we live. Often viewers are unaware of  the subject of the paintings but enjoy both their physical presence and the feelings they evoke. Herbert has currently been working on a series of paintings that reflects both on aspects of our pollution of the oceans through our continued dependence on plastics and our spiritual connection to the planet through the yearly life cycle.her

Kim Van Rijn – New Zealand

At present, Kim Van Rijn straddles the line between art historian and art practitioner, which can be both liberating and infuriatingly muddling. By putting herself in a new environ,  she believes she can establish a way for the photographer in her to live harmoniously with the writer; she seeks, by coming to Morocco, to establish a new way of working in which my art practice can inform my curatorial research, and vice versa. Where she is situated in the world, geographically, and the sensation of depth and isolation this often instills in her, are highly motivating factors behind both her research, and the photographs and art works she makes.

F1000029 (1)

Physical space and the importance of place are deeply rooted sentiments in Van Rijn. The essence of the artists research and art is to form atmospheres, built up through pervading moods of physical and emotional space. This emphasis on space stems from her interest in memory, or traces thereof, and its record of built forms, landscapes, and sensory triggers. It is informed by the relative distance New Zealand has to the rest of the world, and the insight, naivety and creative food this geographic isolation offers. More generally, her research- and by extension, Van Rijn’s own photographic practice- seeks to explore the interrelationship of a creator with their work, in the context of their geographic and cultural surroundings. She yearns now to know a new place, in mood and vestment, with the same intimacy she has come to know New Zealand.

Julia White – U.K.

Jlia White focuses on people and places; in particular the way people interact with their immediate surroundings. Over the years her work has evolved into a kind of creative anthropology; there’s always an investigative nature to each project. Whether its providing an insight into a particular place, or asking a question, the work she produces is always inspired from an experience of some sort –  a particular journey or interaction. 
Aswan, 2014 (1)
Julias practice is rooted in documentary photography, this is where her desire to study Fine Art and pursue a career in the arts was inspired from. In conjunction with photography, which continues to be a major medium she works with, she always keeps scrapbooks and journals. Collectively these three elements inspire collages, books, films and sculptures. Writing is an important aspect of her work, as it not only allows the artists to draw upon research and clarify the concepts at the heart of the project, but when exhibiting it provides a vital tool to communicate with the audience.

Barbara  Ivković – Croatia

Barbara  uses mostly  acrylic  and a range of other  2D mediums such as charcoal  and  ink,  soft  pastel to play and experimentation in her work.  As  a  colorist,  using  bright  vibrant  colors  and sometimes stain technique she applies abstract and figurative elements with an expressionistic style.  Ivković often explores landscapes, where she feels the most motivated . She is currently working on a series titled’ Garden of Eden”.


This residency, Open AiR I will run for the month of September 2015.

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