About us

AiR Sefrou

AiR Sefrou is an artist residency born in the heart of a market town in Northern Morocco whose principal mission is intercultural dialogue between different communities and cultures with art at its core.  AiR Sefrou’s intention is to provide an environment where artists are encouraged to explore, exchange and collaborate during their residency experience. We welcome artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in creating work or are inspired by elements/processes in Morocco.  AiR Sefrou is a nurturing space for curious minds seeking inspiration in an authentic rural environment.

The mother organisation, Culture Vultures, ( C.V )  is an artist-led, arts and culture initiative founded in 2007.  C.V cultivates a multicultural arts focused community from the local to the international and beyond.  Members include local Sefrouian and regional residents, traditional artisans, visiting artists and students studying abroad.

With comfortable lodgings and the availability of simple studio spaces in the heart of the old city, AiR Sefrou offers artists and researchers the time to focus and draw from the surrounding environment.

e mail – airsefrou@yahoo.com